Come and visit me for a Reiki treatment - to relax, to recharge, and to rebalance your energy systems.

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A little about me:

I am a certified Reiki Master from the Japanese ‘Reiki Usui’ tradition. I am also an experienced world traveller, student Astrologer and collector of sacred wisdom and knowledge.


“I want to be a bridge between the worlds - the spiritual and the everyday reality.”

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki you ask? I can try to answer you with words, but honestly, some things are better sensed, experienced, or felt. Reiki is different for each person, depending on what needs to be worked through energetically.

Reiki Usui is a healing therapy with roots in Japan, and it has been practiced for at least the last 100 years. When I give you a Reiki treatment I hold my hands above your body in different positions, and follow the traditional practices that have been passed down through generations, to transfer or ‘channel’ universal energy into and around the vital energy systems of your body, such as the Chakras. This is not ‘my’ energy going into yours, but I am allowing universal energy to flow through my hands with intention, to help release blockages, heal imbalances and to help you feel a deep sense of relaxation. All you need to do is lay down on the treatment table, take some deep breaths, and come home to your centre.

Who needs Reiki? Anyone. At any time. A Reiki treatment can relieve stress, calm and rejuvenate the mind and body, and is a moment of peace in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Reiki is an amazing tool.

Gassho hands at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia

Do you offer other treatments?


Relaxation Sessions

Time to Breathe relaxation session at Salon Verde, Berlin

I’m trained to lead Cacao Ceremonies. I supported Cacao Mama as an assistant for one year, and I am certified as a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator through the Cacao Mama Earth School. I work both alone and in collaboration with my colleague Eva, offering group relaxation sessions which include elements of Cacao, Reiki, Meditation and Singing Bowls.


Partner Treatments

Before I die list at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia

Experience the harmonious combination of Reiki and Sound Healing with a friend or partner. One client receives a Reiki treatment, whilst the second client receives a Singing Bowl Massage from Eva. This allows reception of the two treatments simultaneously, as the healing sounds of the singing bowls reverberate through the shared treatment room. Both clients will receive both treatments during the session.

30 mins of each treatment = total 1 hour per person.

Reiki Attunements

As a Reiki Master I am able to pass on the tools and the gift of Reiki. You will be able to utilise universal energy to support yourself and others.

Coming soon.

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