Usui Reiki Course - Level 2 - Berlin

The second level of Usui Reiki Ryoho training further develops your understanding, deepens your connection, and widens the possibilities available to you with the practice of Reiki. It introduces new techniques which work with Japanese and ancient symbols, and specific mantras, to direct and connect with loving universal energy in specific and particular ways.

It is recommended that the second level only be undertaken after you have spent some months growing your connection to and relationship with Reiki, following the Level 1 training. I would recommend a minimum of three to four months. However, each student will know when the moment is right for them. Reiki is both gentle but at the same time immensely powerful and often supports the practitioner (and clients) through a larger transformation in personal well-being, healing, and spiritual growth.

Uncertainty  - from the photography series  Cosmic Water  by  Juli Fischer

Uncertainty - from the photography series Cosmic Water by Juli Fischer

A basic overview of what you will learn in Level 2:

  • Information about the Japanese energy centers

  • The three symbols connected with the Second Level & their representative mantras

  • How to use the symbols to provide Reiki treatments long distance, to heal situations from the past, and to use Reiki for the future

  • Level 2 meditations with the symbols

  • Level 2 self-treatment techniques

  • Level 2 treatment techniques for others

  • How to work with affirmations

  • Manifestation techniques using Reiki

  • Further knowledge and understanding about the Japanese and Western systems of Reiki

  • Practical guidance & information about working as a Reiki Practitioner professionally

The course will be a mixture of theoretical learning and practical exercises, with the opportunity to work together and share with other participants of the course.

At the end of each training day you will receive an attunement from me, which is an initiation into working with Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2. After completing the course it is advised that you undertake another 21 day self-cleansing and healing period which incorporates the Level 2 symbols, by giving yourself a Reiki self-treatment each day for 21 days .

Upcoming Level 2 dates in 2019 (choose one full weekend training of Saturday & Sunday):

19th & 20th October ~ 10:00 - 16:00 (both days)

23rd & 24th November ~ 10:30 - 16:30 (both days)

14th & 15th December ~ 11:00 - 17:00 (both days)

Further information:

  • Very small, intimate group training: maximum 2 participants

  • Language: English

  • Full price: 375€ // Early-bird price: 335€ - for registering earlier & up to 10 days before course start

The course price includes a manual, which reinforces the information covered in the training, and a certificate. As your Reiki Master/ teacher, I will continue to be available in the future for support and guidance.

I would ask you for a deposit of 75€ to secure your place. The remainder can be paid at the end of the weekend.

An individual one-on-one training is available on request. 3 x teaching blocks of 3-4 hours ~ total price: 415€

To reserve your spot, or for with any questions, please email:

Level 2 Reiki Usui Course in Berlin with Romana