Spring Equinox Rituals & Celebrations

Who is ready for a season change? It’s nearly the Spring Equinox, or the ‘vernal equinox’, which is considered astronomically to mark the first day of Spring. Night and day are of equal (equi) length on this day as the Sun is exactly above the Equator and the Northern Hemisphere then begins to tilt towards the Sun, signalling the days getting longer and warmer again. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for it.

Winter is a great time for going inwards, resting, hibernating, and taking time to recharge, but at some point you feel ready to be outside again, moving around more, getting projects moving.

This year, 2019, the Spring Equinox falls on Wednesday 20th March (exact at 22:58 CET). For 2019, the equinox coincides with a Full Moon ‘Supermoon’ too. The moon will be at the point closest to Earth on its elliptical orbit, making it appear brighter. Full Moons often fill us with a lot of energy, as the Moon reflects a lot of light from the Sun onto Earth during the night. So, what can we do to mark this bright, energetically charged day and night and the coming of Spring?!

Here are some ideas for rituals and celebrations. These ideas could also be implemented a day or two after the Equinox if you need more time, whilst still harnessing the luminous power of the Moon.

△ Start that project/ hobby/ sport/ study program that you have been wanting to start for ages but haven’t found the energy for.

△ Dance! Move your body, meet friends, listen to great music, and celebrate the warmth and light coming again. Appreciate the cycles of life and the seasons we go through every year.

△ Plant seeds and plants. The gravitational pull of the moon is strongest at the full moon, this means the water in the soil will be pulled upwards and as the moon wanes, the moisture will go down to the roots. As we move into Spring, watch your new plant babies grow.

△ Create! Paint, draw, write, bake, build... Feel inspired by the change of energy, plants beginning to appear, nature coming alive, and make something new for yourself or others.

△ Go outside and connect with nature. Feel the connection that nature has with the warmth and energy of the Sun, and the increased activity of the plants and animals.

△ and finally, that great tradition… Spring Clean! Clean your room, clean your house, clean your windows, clean your fridge!

painting outside for spring equinox