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Reiki Usui Ryoho - Level 1 Training

  • 28 Am Treptower Park Berlin, Berlin, 12435 Germany (map)

Would you like to learn the life-tool and the gift that is Reiki? Do you want to learn how to heal imbalances, support yourself energetically and emotionally, and share this healing method with others too? Anyone can learn Reiki. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge, you don’t need to be a spiritual guru. What you need, is an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn. Trust your intuition. If you feel the calling, don’t be afraid.

What you will learn:

  • The history of Reiki Usui

  • The ethos, idea and principles of Reiki

  • Hand positions and method for self-treatment

  • Hand positions and method for treating others

  • Meditation practices

  • Cleansing rituals

The first level of Reiki training is largely about receiving a tool for self-healing, self-love and personal support. By holding your hands over various positions on your body, you can channel Reiki into these areas to help relieve stress, emotional pain and work through trauma. Myself and others have found the first level of Reiki Usui to be a great help with alleviating anxiety, a way to support yourself on difficult days, and to help with calming the mind.

Over the two days I will share with you the knowledge that has been passed down through a lineage of Reiki Masters that links us back to the founder of Reiki Usui - Grand Master Mikao Usui. In addition I will share with you everything I have learnt through my own experiences with Reiki.

In the first level you also learn the technique for sharing Reiki with others - eg people, plants, animals & crystals. During the second day there will be an opportunity to practice giving a Reiki treatment to another person.

At the end of the second training day you will receive an 'attunement' from me, which is an initiation into working with Reiki. It is a 'tuning' so that you are able to connect to this frequency of energy.

Following the attunement it is advised that you undertake a 21 day self-cleansing and healing period, by giving yourself a Reiki self-treatment each day for 21 days.

Further information:

This will be a group training - maximum group size of 6 people.

This training will be completed over a weekend - Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June, 10am - 4pm (with a lunch break each day).

Price - 210€ - (early bird discount price of 195€ for those who register before the end of May.)

This price includes a manual with the information which will be covered in the training, and a certificate. As your Reiki Master/ teacher, I will continue to be available in the future for support and guidance.

I would ask you for a deposit of 75€ to secure your place. The remainder can be paid at the end of the first day.

To reserve your spot, or for with any questions, please email:

Reiki Usui Level 1 - Salon Verde, Berlin